Saturday, November 20, 2010

Organic Baby Clothes

Why Choosing Organic Baby Clothes?

Organic Body Suit in Milk Cartoon
Perhaps many parents are wondering, why should buy organic baby clothes? Isn’t it better to buy conventional baby clothes? After all, these clothes will be washed before worn on your baby. And the price is cheaper!

The fact is that most baby clothes which are sold in regular shops and stores infected by pesticides, heavy metals, and harmful dyes that can not be removed although it has been washed!

These chemicals not only can irritate your baby's eyes, nose and throat but they can even cause further illness such as depression, leukemia and cancer.

What is the solution then?

One way is by choosing your baby clothes that made of organic cotton. Organic cotton is cotton grown on the soil that is free of pesticides for 3 years. By choosing organic cotton clothing or organic baby clothes, you will also participate and help our nature. Why? Because the process is reducing the use of toxic and persistent pesticides and fertilizer.

These are a few tips you can use in buying organic baby clothes:
1. If you are in low budget you can reduce the funds you spend start by buying baby clothes that will be attached directly to the baby's skin.
2. When you buy organic baby clothes, don’t forget to always read the labels printed on the baby clothes. Make sure that they are made of organic cotton fabric.

3. Don't buy too much clothes in the same size. Buy some that suit with your little baby size now and buy some with bigger size. Because babies are growing very fast.

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